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Sedona Dehydrator Sedona Combo Dehydrator Sedona Drying Sheets
Sedona Dehydrator   Sedona Combo Dehydrator   Drying Sheets for Sedona


Green Star Elite Juicer   Slow star Vertical Juicer
Green Star Elite Juicer   Slowstar Vertical Juicer



The Tribest Sedona Dehydrator

Sedona Dehydrator from Tribest

A dehydrator is really a must for raw food kitchens. Once you get accomplished in the basics you’ve got the opportunity of creating some amazing raw food treats like pizza, crackers, biscuits and wraps.  The Tribest Sedona dehydrator is possibly one of the best models on the market. Digitally controlled and so quiet you wouldn’t even know it’s running in your kitchen.

The Sedona Dehydrator from Tribest is available for £425 (free UK delivery) by following this link >>

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The Tribest Sedona Combo Dehydrator

Sedona Combo Dehydrator from Tribest

This dehydrator is equipped with a two-stage sequential temperature timer. It enables you to dry at a higher temperature for the first few hours and automatically reduces it to a lower temperature. The quality of the dehydrated product I’ve found is far superior from this model than others I have used previously. It’s quiet, aesthetic and easy to use.

My recommended Dehydrator is available for £499.95 (free UK delivery) by following this link >>

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Sedona Drying sheets

Pack of 3 Drying Sheets for the Sedona dehydrators

When dehydrating foods such as crackers, breads or doughs, it’s essential to use drying sheets. This product is BPA-free, easy to wash and durable.

Click here to purchase a pack of 3 Non-Stick Drying Sheets for your Sedona Dehydrator for £19.95 (free UK delivery) >> 

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Green Star Elite Juicer 

“This is quite possibly the Aston Martin of juicers.” Sarmado Sibley

Green Star Elite Juicer "the Aston Martin of juicers"

This extracts the maximum nutrient content. Tribest explain: “The jumbo twin gears include bio-ceramic magnets within their core which pull maximum minerals into the juice. They also work to greatly reduce the oxidation process so that unlike with conventional juicers, your juice will stay fresh for up to 5 days, not hours.” The liquid extraction from the produce is exceptional. The pulp has an almost paper-like quality after juicing so you get maximum benefit from your organic vegetables.

 My recommended Juicer is available for £599.95 (free UK delivery) by following this link >>

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Tribest Slowstar Vertical Juicer

Slowstar Vertical Juicer

This is a stylish little number: sleek, sexy and lightweight. “The vertical design allows juice to pass through quickly, plus the Duoblade™ double-edged auger does twice the work compared to a traditional single auger – making this “slow” juicer extra fast,”  explains  the manufacturer, Tribest. This juicer creates smooth silky professional juices.

This vertical cold-press Juicer is available for £399.99 (free UK delivery) by following this link >>

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Note: The links will take you to the Tribest website who will deliver your order and fulfill the warranty.


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 'Simply the Best' eBook

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