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Raw Living Foods For A Conscious & Holistic Lifestyle

When foods have been heated above 42 degrees they lose all of their essential nutrients which are vital for a healthy body,mind & spirit.By choosing to eat more raw living foods you can experience increased energy levels,better sleep & more regulated moods. Clients have lost weight,cleared long standing health issues and benefit from clearer thinking and a much calmer outlook on life. In all of the workshops we use organic,bio-dynamic and artisinal raw products along with local spring water to give you the finest raw living foods in the ‘UK’. If you’re ready to experience the amazing benefits of this incredible lifestyle then come along to the next raw food workshop with Sarmado. Please visit the Events page for all the information

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‘Simply the Best’ eBook

 'Simply the Best' eBook

A collection of over 100 raw food recipes from 22 international chefs including Sarmado Sibley in a downloadable eBook, all for £9.95

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