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Bio-Dynamic & Organic

My aim is to get you eating healthily and flourish at your optimum. I am dedicated to sharing with you the benefits of a raw living foods & plant based lifestyle. I work with organic, bio-dynamic produce and local spring water as the food we eat has a direct effect on every aspect of our lives.
I have worked with some of the country’s leading chefs. I have worked with Heads of State, celebrities and CEO’S of worldwide organisations, creating food which excites, nourishes and is packed with vital nutrients and minerals for abundant health. If you want to take your health and vitality to the next level this is where to start.
My first impression of raw living foods was that they would be limiting. They are the opposite. They are all about abundance!! Creative use of the finest, healthiest foods mean that chocolate, cheesecake, ice-cream and pizza’s are all possible in raw AND they leave you feeling energized, vital and nourished!
Raw living foods and plant based nutrition is probably the most exciting thing that is happening now in kitchens. The opportunities you have to work with are boundless. Juicing, sprouting, dehydrating & fermenting are just the beginning!! Whether you are new to this way of looking at food or a long time ‘raw fooder’ there’s always new discoveries to be made.
If you would like to work with Europe’s Leading Executive Raw Living Foods Chef to the stars just send an e-mail to Sarmado at rawlovelife@gmail.com and we will take it from there…

Have a great day everyone,

Sarmado x

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 'Simply the Best' eBook

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