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Will I lose weight by switching to a raw food diet?

As long as you don’t eat a lot of fruit and nuts and you balance the diet with other food groups, then it is absolutely possible to lose weight.

Will my energy levels increase when I switch to a raw food diet?

Yes, if it is done in a supported and balanced way.

What negative side effects could I experience?

When you eat raw foods, you are putting optimum nutrition into your body and you you are suddenly getting a big hit of vitamins and minerals so initially you will experience mild detox symptoms, for example, fever, headaches and fatigue. This is because your body expelling all the toxins that have built up but once you come through the other side, you will get all the positive benefits of doing a detox.

What is your favourite sweetener?

If you want a sweetener for the flavour, then maple syrup is the winner. Date syrup is very easy to make. If you are wanting a replacement for sugar for health issues then coconut palm sugar is an option to consider.

What is a good raw alternative to dairy?

Seed and nut milks are a healthy alternative, widely available and easy to make at home. There are also alternatives to cheese, creams and yoghurts but the best and healthiest are home made. Head to the blog to see how.

Can I still have a raw food lifestyle whilst eating meat?

If you are going to eat meat, eat the best, locally sourced, organically raised, grass fed meat.

What are the important things to remember when transitioning to a raw food diet?

Transitioning to raw food is a commitment to yourself for lasting change. Start with small steps and be gentle with yourself. It’s not about denying things to yourself but rather, adding things to your diet, even if it is just one smoothie a day, this will be a step towards positive change.

Can I get private tuition & coaching from you?

If you want a raw learning experience that is unique to your personal profile, look no further. Sarmado is able to offer one to one coaching from his home in East Sussex. For overseas clients, online sessions via skype are available. For your free 10 minute raw food consultation, head to the contact page and get in touch.

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