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‘Supper Club and Workshop’


‘Supper Club’

Saturday 18th November 2017 @ 7pm with Sarmado Sibley

Traditionally, January is the month to detox and set intentions, but Autumn is a really good time for all of that.

It’s great to get our nutrition on track before those cold winter days when it’s a lot easier to gain weight and comfort eat.

Taking steps now means we can have more energy and clarity to get on with what we love to do, and we can have fun in the process.

So, in response to popular demand, we’ve put together some dates for a plant-based supper club and workshop here in Somerset.

The first Supper Club is on Saturday, November 18th , near Glastonbury in Somerset.

If you can imagine a delicious gourmet evening centred on a five-course, plant-based dinner using as much local, organic and ethically sourced produce as possible, then you’re on track.

We’ll be serving wild, locally foraged ingredients, showcasing ancient culinary techniques and cutting-edge nutrition.

Cultured tree nut cheeses, tonic herb elixirs and plant-based gourmet raw desserts will all feature, too!

This is next level dining that aims to leave you feeling fully alive and inspired.

Gourmet plant based dinner

  • Plant-based tapas
  • Porcini cracker, wild mushroom, truffle oil
  • Smoked aubergine lasagne, basil cream
  • Sicilian lemon custard with ‘live’ coconut meringue
  • Cultured tree nut cheeses, seed crackers and breads

Energised and locally sourced spring water is included in the price

A selection of water kefirs and kombuchas will be available for you to buy on the night

Spaces for this evening are limited and reserved on a strictly first come, first served basis.

Time: 7pm. Dinner will be served at 7.30pm.

Price: £53.00 payable through PayPal: mrsarmado@gmail.com

Supper is followed by a one-day intensive workshop the next day, Sunday, November 19th .

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‘Eat Plant-Based for a Week’

One-Day Intensive Workshop

On this one-day intensive you will learn how to give yourself seven days’ worth of delicious, plant-based nutrition. It’s an opportunity to learn how to prepare a variety of easy and great tasting dishes that will leave you energised and motivated.

Some of the recipes you will learn how to prepare:

  • Spiced activated nuts
  • Cheesy kale chips
  • Raw smoked chipotle hummus
  • Seed and nut crackers
  • Thai spinach, coconut and lime soup
  • Courgette, red pepper wraps with Cajun vegetables
  • Fermented cashew and chive cheese
  • Banana samosas

The class will start with a brief introductory talk on some of the benefits of adopting this lifestyle and eating this food.

All the recipes are raw, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free and organic. We use locally sourced produce as much as possible.

A recipe book and a gourmet, raw, living foods lunch are included.

Energised local spring water is available throughout the day.

The training will start at 9am and finish around 5pm.

Price: £242.00 payable through PayPal: mrsarmado@gmail.com

Supper and workshop may be booked separately or together – combined price £295.00

Buy Both Now!

Buy just the Supper Club Now!

Buy just the Workshop Now!


*Early bird discount*

*Book both the dinner and workshop by Friday, October 13, and pay only £250.00*

About Sarmado

Sarmado began his career in food aged fifteen as an apprentice chef at the Michelin starred “Relais & Chateaux” Hotel Gravetye Manor in West Sussex. He went on to work with the Roux Brothers and alongside some of the UK’s leading chefs. As pastry chef for celebrity cook Anthony Tobin, he was introduced to Richard Neat and was taught the art of the craft.

By the age of twenty, Sarmado was working in Porto Cervo, Sardinia as head chef of a prestigious restaurant offering locally sourced & often organic produce.

On returning to the UK he managed catering operations for both The Daily Mirror & The Daily Express newspapers and the world’s largest advertising agency, McCann Erickson, who reviewed him saying he made “probably the best food in London.”

Sarmado has worked as head chef at high-end events, including the state opening of Parliament and has had clients such as celebrities, fashion houses, heads of state and the CEOs of some of the worlds leading industries.

By the year 2000, following the creation of a successful events company and having worked as a chef in the film and television industry it was time for something different. Having explored the best in fine dining Sarmado felt there was something missing.

In 2004 he was introduced to Macrobiotic and Ayurvedic foods which completely transformed his approach to both food and cooking. Both could be used to bring about an optimal state of health and well-being, which was so very different to how he had been initially taught.

He then trained in various meditation & holistic practices throughout Asia before discovering Raw Foods in Thailand during 2006. In 2010 he studied David Wolfe’s Longevity program, trained as a raw food coach with Karen Knowler and participated in many fasting and detox programmes. Since then he has dedicated his time to personal development, going on to create his own company RawLoveLife enabling him to teach, share and coach on the benefits of a raw food lifestyle.

Learning how to adapt to a plant based lifestyle can benefit every area of life from your relationships to your work and health. Thousands of people from all over the world who have embarked on a healthier approach with their nutrition have experienced life changing results. Sarmado will be sharing cutting edge information on diet, lifestyle choices, the power of water and potent super foods for exceptional health.


If you have any questions simply email Sarmado at rawlovelife@gmail.com or call us directly on 00 ( 44 ) 7757 766917 during normal office hours and we will be happy to help.


‘Sarmado has such passion with what he does and was a walking encyclopaedia of exciting & fascinating information about diet & nutrition’- Eds Foster ( Private chef to Celebrities )

‘Probably the best food in London’ ~ President of Mc can Erickson ~ Worlds largest advertising agency.

‘Your Food tastes like Gordon Ramsey’s but without the bad stuff’ ~ Silla Bjerrun Co founder of Feng Sushi restaurants.

‘You are brilliant’ ~ Catherine, Director @ village barn, winner of 2011 Tatler Magazine Spa detox retreat.

‘Thank you for being such a great chef and facilitator’ ~ Oona Hawley, Pura Life Retreats.

‘I didn’t think it was possible to absorb so much information in three days.The course with Sarmado is definitely a tool for life. Fabulous recipes which work every time, he is an inspiration both in the kitchen and in life’- Lucy Holliday Founder and Director Damsonfood.com Delhi Catering

‘Sarmado’s knowledge of food is infinite, his teaching method is calm and unhurried,the raw food he prepared was amazing, bursting with vitality and flavour. I learnt so much, my path of raw food exploration is so much clearer now, it was a treasured day i never wanted to end.’- Lin Channon- Southampton UK


Please note: Once purchased, your ticket is non-refundable however should you need to cancel, your ticket/s may be transferred to a third party upon written request up to 48 hours before the class begins.